10 reasons why you should buy a classic car this year

We all love modern cars, don’t we? We’re all constantly on the lookout for what’s coming out next year, the latest automotive trends, and more. It’s very cool, but if you’re like us you’ll find that in fact it’s about time we all started turning back time for our cars.

Sure, self-contained things and cars with giant screens are great, but what about a car with a proper manual gearbox? Classic cars are getting more and more expensive, so isn’t it time to buy one before they’re all too expensive? Here are ten reasons why you need a classic car this year.

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ten Better driver cars

Ferrari 512 TR front third quarter view
Via: Mecum.com

New cars are full of driver aids. From automatic braking to parking assistance, etc. This makes the car much less attractive to drive. Take a Ferrari SF90 for example. It’s a great car, make no mistake, but all that electric stuff and the AWD system makes it so much less emotional. Compare that to a 512 Testarossa from 1993, and you’ll see what we mean.


It’s the same with normal cars too. The Ford Fiesta ST is a great car to drive. However, due to the fact that it’s much bigger, heavier, and filled with safety gubbins, it’s not as engaging to drive as a Fiesta RS Turbo of the day.

9 Easier to repair

1987-1993 Porsche 928 S4
via CarScoops

I’m not saying classic cars are more reliable than modern cars. Well, some are, but the majority just aren’t. What they are, however, is easier to correct. Modern cars are stupidly complex to work with thanks to things like the ECU, parts piled up next to each other, all kinds of fancy tech, etc. Most classic cars are easy to repair because they don’t have a lot of technology making everything more difficult.

1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ
via Pinterest

Take an old Mustang for example. They are much easier to work with than the new ones, and you can easily maintain and maintain them yourself.

8 So much more fun

Skyline GT-R R32 - Rear Quarter
Via WSupercars

Older cars might not be as fast, but they are definitely so much more fun. The feeling of them is different, and everything seems so much more nostalgic and alive. You just don’t have the same feeling with modern cars. Take an old E39 M5 with its 4.9-liter V8 and manual gearbox. The whole car is so fun to drive and if you compare it to the modern F90 M5 you can see what we mean.

Via: YouTube

The F90 is faster, yes, but it’s less fun. You don’t even have to drive a classic car fast to have fun. All their experience and nostalgia are more than numbers of speed and power.

seven Stand out from the crowd

1994 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
via Pinterest

Everyone’s driving something modern these days (usually about finance) and in all honesty it’s pretty boring. Most of the streets are inundated with white, gray and black cars, mostly SUVs and hideous crossovers. Imagine driving through these streets in your classic car. Everyone will be staring at you as you stand out like a sore thumb.

1953 Citroën DS parked outside
Via classicandsportscar.com

While everyone is driving around in their Toyota Rav4 or Nissan Altima, you arrive in a white 1995 Mercedes SL500. How cool would you look? The answer is very. Classic cars turn heads and nothing else can compare.

6 Teaches you different lessons

mr2 turbo

A classic car teaches you life skills. Whether it’s teaching you how to change spark plugs or really teaching you how to be a little more grateful, a classic car is wise. Back then, people knew how to change their car’s wheel, replace the battery, do basic maintenance and so on. The reason is that they were forced to learn. Nowadays, these skills have become non-existent with most people.

10 1963 chevy impala rare 350K $ mecum don fezell expensive
Via: Mecum

Classic cars also teach you to be more aware of your surroundings. They also teach you to be more aware of what is going on with your car, and it teaches you how to take better care of your car. With classic cars, you plan more about where to go, when to use it, and how to drive. It sounds complex, but it makes you smarter.

5 Makes you happier

Typhoon - Mecum
Via: Mecum

Classic cars make you smile more. You might be 50 years old, but when you’re behind the wheel of a 1980s Corvette C4, you feel like you’re in your twenties. Those kinds of things that make people happy because it gives them that feeling. This sparkle. You might be a factory worker, but when you drive your 1980s Mercedes S-Class you feel like you’re a mafia boss. A pivot.

Via: Honda

The way classic cars drive, as mentioned earlier, is also much more attractive. It makes them so much more rewarding, which makes you happier. You feel like you’ve accomplished something, even if you’ve just gone through a corner at high speed.

4 make you a better driver

Orange Porsche 911S 1972 sports car
Via: legendaryemotorcar.com

In a classic car, you are more connected to everything. Most classics don’t have a lot of safety features, especially high performance classic cars. Take the example of a Porsche 930 Turbo. It’s a car with little to no safety features, and it’s also very wild to drive. Driving this car you have to be more aware of what the car is going to do because it’s so much less predictable. The same cannot be said for the 992 Turbo.

Craigslist Pontiac GTO head on view
via Craigslist

If you want to go fast in a classic car, you have to be a good driver. There is no alternative.

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3 Modern cars are not the same

rotary truck

Modern cars are full of technology that will blow your mind. The giant screens of the little Honda E, for example, or the driverless functions of the Tesla Model 3. That’s cool, but what about the stainless steel body of a DeLorean? Or the polished engine bay of an Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 V6? It’s the little things, those details that these modern cars just don’t have.

1994 Mercedes Benz E420 W124 - e class
Via: MBWorld.org Forums

Take the current Mercedes S-Class. It is a beast full of technology and leather. Still, it’s nowhere near as well-built as the oversized w140 of around twenty-five years ago. It is a car that has taken engineering to another level. Classic cars are also full of silly imperfections to make them more human. It can be things like fitting huge bucket seats in a small car. You will never get that these days.

2 They look better

1991 Chevrolet 454 SS
via: Top classic cars for sale

Modern cars look bland or disgusting. Take the new M3 for example. Its beaver grille and over-the-top body kit don’t measure up to the clean lines of an E36 M3, do they? It’s the same with other cars too. Ford’s lineup is 99% SUVs, and all of them look wrong. Ford in the 1950s and 1960s made some really fantastic cars, such as the Thunderbird, Torino, Cortina, etc. Even in the 1990s, with the Focus, the Ka, and the Escort, things were so much better. What the hell happened?

Jaguar XJS V12 - Front Quarter
Via Classic.com

Every automaker these days is obsessed with making SUVs and crossovers that appeal only to the tasteless. Sure, these things do sell, but 90% of them are an eyesore. It’s as if some of the best car designers in the world of the day were locked in a basement and replaced by people who don’t know what a good car looks like.

1 They sound better

3 1961 chevy impala bubbletop 110k oldcaronline
Via: OldCarOnline

Modern cars don’t sound good. Everyone downsizes their engines, sticks to turbos, false sounds, etc. and all this is sad. Classic cars are pure. They have real sound that comes from the engine. None of that pop and bang nonsense you seem to get with all the performance cars on the market.

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Ferrari F40
Via WSupercars

Unfortunately, automakers have to enforce green regulations, which makes new cars sound pretty bad. At least with these classic cars you can please your hearing with proper sound. Music to the ears of a gearbox.

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