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What do we all have in common? We all create. Whether it’s amazing painting, amazing architecture, or the latest chart-topping song, we all love to create.

The big automakers are no different because they have multiple research and development departments that are constantly trying to create the next amazing feature or ability that other brands don’t have. At the end of the day, they can’t add everything they want.

The automotive aftermarket is absolutely huge. It nurtures something that car enthusiasts need, the ability to build their own car. Every year it gets bigger and motorists around the world are paying more and more to customize and improve their factory cars.

Today we take a look at 15 great examples of taking a factory car, a great foundation so to speak, and turning it into something more special and one of a kind.

The Ferrari 308 Never Sett

A tuned 308 GTB

Via – Supercars

Imagine finally finding a way to treat yourself to a real Ferrari and driving it for a while, then realizing that you just aren’t going as fast as you would like. This was the scene for the owner of the 308 above. However, he has become a pro. He races this thing and can then take it home.

Pocket Rocket Mini Cooper

A mini at most

Via – Motor1

Mini Cooper’s are some of the nicest cars to ride. I know, I’ve owned 3. What you see here is a small but mighty warrior. Over 360 horsepower from a Honda engine and power sent to the front wheels. Very few things would be quite as enjoyable as this when you are running around your house.

A Fiat with a V12

The 500 Flex

Via Motor1

It’s probably the only thing I prefer to run in. It is a Fiat 500 with a Lamborghini V12 in the back. It therefore powers the rear wheels. That’s over 400 horsepower. It’s the noisy locust of cars.

Maximum Porsche 935

A 935 with an attitude

Via – Motor 1

Take an already insanely fast Porsche and throw in a ton of custom parts and development and here’s what you get. This is a product of DP Motorsports and they took this Porsche 935 and made it a track monster beyond its original capabilities.

All Mustang Ponies

Eleanor's Slayer

Via – Motor1

Since the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, we’ve seen Eleanor’s clone after clone. Well, that’s Eleanor’s daddy. Not only is it much cleaner and more similar to the original, but it has a 1000 horsepower core under the hood. Meet the paterfamilias.

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Slick 57 Chevrolet Pickup

A Chevy 3100

Via GM Media

I’m not a truck guy at all. This, however, is objectively sexy. It’s also a GM resto-mod, so you know they did it perfectly. The size and design of the wheel is perfect. The overhang on the headlights is also a brilliant style. Sign me up, I’ll take one.

Flaming Chevelle

In Fuego

Via – TurnerBudds

This car is in Fuego. The rake, the flame paint job, the gigantic motor, they’re all perfect. This owner decided to go all out and for my part, I am deeply happy that they did. This thing is the whole show and everything in one package. They even sacrificed the hood springs to save weight. No complaints.

Super Celica

Big Tire Celica

Via – Motor

If you think this looks like a Mustang, you are right. This Celica was designed after seeing the Mustang. Toyota wanted part of that market and they got it with this rare little sports car. This owner threw big tires on them and a more powerful 2JZ engine to pursue the Mustang in more ways than one.

Epic Box 3 Datsun

The classic 510 improved

Via – Pinterest

The Datsun 510 is a gigantic classic in a small package. Perhaps the most notable Japanese car in the 3-box style, this particular example has engine mods as well as upgraded suspension and wheels to go all out.


The British Muscle Car

Via – twitter

Most people don’t know what the Jensen Interceptor is. She really is a British muscle car, which is one of the reasons you see her in the Fast and Furious franchise. The British took the muscle car formula and used it in this car. The owner of this model took it a step further and really channeled the hot rodders with this epic supercharger coming out of the hood.

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Would you like a Chevrolet 57 with your engine?

Would you like a 57 Chevy with your engine?

Via Chevrolet

The supercharger in this Interceptor is a baby compared to that in this Chevrolet. The fan itself is almost as big as the block of that big V8. Obviously, the owner of this car just needed a little more speed. These were heavy, he needed them for an easier fusion of course.



Via – Motor1

Rolls Royce is a sacred brand. Always known for its opulence, the owner of this copy decided to put tradition to his ear and make it the most comfortable drift car man has ever known. Imagine the frustration of the boys at the Rolls Royce factory.

Yellow rover P6

The Rachous Rover P6

Via – Drive-My

The Rover P6 was not initially considered to be a vessel capable of real speed, but the owner of it has followed the book so to speak when it comes to creating one. Yellow is just a highlight feature to draw some more attention to that lightning bolt. The upgraded engine certainly doesn’t hurt things either.


A Volvo at the heart of Corvette

Via – Motor

Old Volvos are simply breathtaking. If only they weren’t that dangerous, we could see Volvo lining up most of the big automakers today and doing some retro styling. The owner of this car dropped a Corvette V8 under the hood and called it good. No complaints from me.

Modern Miura

Sacred Miura?

Via – Carbuzz

The Miura is undeniably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It was the first supercar. It is simply an icon in more than one way. This one may be sacrilegious, but it is certainly one of a kind. Some will hate it, some will love it, I think if you are going to modify a Miura it is as good as it gets.

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