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A few moments ago, the High-A Bowling Green Hot Rods unveiled two new logos created by Brandon Lamarche of 3-2 Designs. Most of the team’s existing brands, used since 2016, will remain intact, but the two new ones will replace the parallel logos in this sequel.

The first new marque features a classic hot rod vehicle that is reminiscent of the one pictured in the team’s first logo, which was used from 2009 to 2015, and replaces the logo of the 2016-21 car the team was using.

“We really wanted to go back to that classic Hot Rods feel, somewhat similar to the original car,” said Eric Leach, Hot Rods general manager and 2019 Midwest League GM of the Year. [team owner Jack Blackstock] and I felt the modern Hot Rod was not what our brand really was.

Via baseball in wartime

One particularly nifty detail of the new car logo is that hidden on the right front hubcap, keen-eyed viewers will notice the interlocking BG logo of the 1940s Bowling Green Barons.

The team also introduced a new wordmark (top), not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it had pragmatic advantages over the old one (bottom).

“The wordmark, one of the reasons we wanted to update it, was on an upward trajectory,” Leach said. “It really didn’t look good on a lot of the print, so we wanted to go back to an apartment and have it more of a Hot Rod script. “

The final fit for the Hot Rods brand is an update to the team’s color scheme. The team upped their existing navy and orange colors with a third which is a nod and a nod to its longtime parent club, MLB, with whom Bowling Green has a 10-year deal.

“You see this through minor league baseball incorporating some of your parent club colors,” Leach said. “This Rays blue, baby blue, really matches our pattern. You see it in the car and you see it in the uniforms and hats and really bring that color scheme into the logos. “

Surviving elements of the existing Hot Rods logo suite include those pictured above.

The Hot Rods showed off their new logos at an event the team hosted tonight to thank the game day and franchise staff, who suffered a canceled season and a particularly difficult season following the COVID pandemic.

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