Bride delays wedding after vintage car caught fire in sweltering heatwave



The excited bride was due to visit the five-star Four Seasons hotel in Hook, Hampshire, but disaster struck as she was about to take her vows on Tuesday morning.

The wedding had to be delayed as the worried woman rushed to the venue

A bride was arriving late to her wedding after the classic car she had rented caught fire as temperatures soared.

She wanted her special day to go well on Tuesday, so she reserved the chic vintage engine to make sure she arrives in style.

But disaster struck on the way to reception at the five-star Four Seasons hotel in Hook, Hampshire.

The crisp white Mercedes hood ignited with the wedding party miles from the lavish venue.

The vehicle overheated when the mercury climbed to around 30 ° C during the heatwave and they found themselves stranded by the side of the road.

Firefighters were called – but she had to summon another car to the scene


Hampshire Fire / Solent News)

Firefighters arrived and the unharmed bride was reportedly taken in a more modern BMW.

Dave Bartlett, manager of the nearby Hartley Wintney fire station, said the woman had finally arrived safely to take her vows.

But things had to be delayed a bit as she had to make new plans after the vintage car encountered some issues along the way.

“The crew were called in about a vehicle fire on the way to the hotel yesterday morning at 11 am,” the fire chief said after his team came to their aid on Tuesday.

The classic car fell victim to this week’s heatwave


Hampshire Fire / Solent News)

“The bride was on her way to her wedding, so she was picked up unharmed and drove the rest of the way in a BMW.

“It certainly added some drama to her big day.

“It could be dangerous, but luckily everything was fine and the car was in repairable condition.

“The car was on fire, but by the time the teams arrived it was already out.”

The wedding, though slightly delayed, still took place at the Georgian mansion hotel, set amid 500 acres of parkland.

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