Burnaby neighbors are tired of old cars hogging street parking


I’ve been reading NOW’s columns about on-street parking issues in Burnaby for a while, and I’m finally crazy enough to write to you about what’s going on in our neighborhood of Brentwood.

We live north of the big mall and our streets are narrow. It’s hard to manage when someone is coming from the opposite direction because if people are parked on both sides of the street, there’s really only room for one vehicle.

It can’t be fixed, but what can the City of Burnaby do to do something about our neighbor parking his entire collection of cars on the street.

It’s a whole bunch of ugly old Cadillacs that he parks on the street for months at a time. Some of them had punctures. They sit there day after day vacuuming up all the street parking for residents who have friends and family.

Street parking is for regular use and not for storing vintage cars. If that person wants to store their vehicles, then go rent a space somewhere else because we’re all sick of it.

I read that people were ticketed in Burnaby for parking more than a few hours on certain streets and that person was allowed to park those vehicles for months at a time.

The city needs to do something about it.

Some people rent in the neighborhood but their landlords don’t have enough parking in the back so they have to park on the street. It’s not fair to them either that they can’t park on the street without having to walk that far because that person is crowding the parking lot.

J. Wilson, Burnaby

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