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Last March, an auto mechanic shop in Cary that had been open for 19 years closed.

My Mechanic owner Maurice Chad Resnick sold his property after he stopped paying the bills. After selling the land he had as many as 9 cars on the property which he said had been there for some time. He said he called the owners of the cars and they didn’t come to pick them up, so he towed the vehicles.

But Tommy Attride, a Resnick’s customer, has a different story. He said he never received a call from Resnick to remove his car from the parking lot.

The missing car is an 80s Maserati. Attride asked Resnick to bring the car back, but Resnick said he didn’t know where it had gone. Attride said the situation was heartbreaking because it wasn’t just any car, it had sentimental value.

The car belonged to Attride’s father, who died in 2001.

“It’s part of who he was, it’s part of who I am,” Attride said.

He took the car to My Mechanic because it needed a new carburetor.

Resnick said he doesn’t know who took the cars, or where they went. The owner says he did what he had to do and everything was legal.

“All I want to do is get the vehicle back, be able to drive it and remember my dad,” said Attride.

Resnick testified that he and Attride made several round trips before Resnick decided to tow his vehicle. Resnick showed WRAL News an invoice from 2018, when the Maserati was dropped off at My Mechanic. But Attride said the car was filed in 2020.

“I know what it’s like to lose something that’s [close] for you. I have no problem. I don’t hold a grudge against this guy. I’m not mad at him… I would like him to get his vehicle back, ”Resnick said.

After Attride contacted Resnick, he suggested that Attride contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if anyone was trying to buy or sell the car. Attride called the DMV and the local tow truck companies, but his Maserati didn’t show up.

Resnik sold the property in April 2021. His business has been closed for good. The new owner of the property and his business have no connection with Resnick or “My Mechanic”.


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