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Over the past year, the South Coast Sports and Specials club has sadly lost its popularity.

That’s according to Brett Bellenger of Uvongo, who has a passion for buying, collecting and repairing old classics.

Bellenger says this may be due to lack of publicity as well as current Covid-19 restrictions.

Rally-ready Mini Cooper.

“I was hosting events every month for at least 20 people and only three showed up – my parents Clive and Merridy and myself. It got to the point where it was almost no longer possible for me to race,” said he declared.

“It’s been a struggle to keep it going, but I’m ready to give it another shot.”

The club has no membership fees or vehicle requirements, modern or contemporary, if your car is special it can participate, hence the name of the club, South Coast Sports and Specials.

Bill and Judi Davis started an informal group about 15 years ago, calling on South Coast car enthusiasts to gather for a monthly breakfast.

Brett Bellenger’s impressive garage.

The role was eventually taken over by Bellenger who began working on old classic cars alongside his father who over 18 years ago decided to start a project on an old Austin Healey Sprite.

It seems that the hobby the family had started never seemed to end.

At first he worked on classic bikes to sell and make a profit, then moved on to the first vehicle he ever bought and repaired, which was an old Morris Garages.

Bellenger recently built a garage on his property with museum features to house his impressive collection, but also uses it as a workshop.

Mini Cooper in dramatic sunlight.

He said: “We do everything here, from spray painting, mechanical work, panel ramming, to rust repair and more.”

He is currently working on a Land Rover Series 2. When asked what his favorite car in his collection was, he replied “he has no favorite but if he had to choose it would be the Mini Cooper”.

He worked on it for two years from scratch and tuned the stock engine to give it more power, and it looks rally-ready on the surface.

According to Bellenger, his most unique and rare car is a 1929 Austin 16/6 which is aptly named for its 16 horsepower straight-six engine.

Brett Bellenger and his MG.

He did a total of 12 rallies from Cairo to Cape Classic, each taking three to four months.

He even keeps in reserve all his papers, details of changes of ownership (two previous owners), rally medals and road maps. Amazingly, it still works today, without any serious work.

In total, between Brett and his parents, they own a total of 20 classic cars.

Incredibly, all of them work perfectly except for two or three which are still ongoing projects. Its secret is that you have to constantly drive them. “If you don’t use them, they break,” he says.

Anyone wishing to join can contact Bellenger on 083 4523304.


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