Crossfield teenager refurbishes vintage car in memory of big brother –

Jaden Chalmers, 18, was a hard worker. He was Brandon’s reliable big brother, even though the two were only six months apart. Jaden knew how to listen and be there when Brandon needed him. The two brothers shared a love for all things automotive, with Jaden having a passion for vintage trucks. Several years ago, the boys discovered a hidden gem on their uncle’s property. They found a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham.

Brandon and Jaden Chalmers both shared a passion for cars, so much so that when they found a 1988 Caprice sitting in their uncle’s garden, the brothers embarked on the project of rebuilding it together. (Photo provided by Brandon Chalmers)

“It was used in the 1988 Olympics as a ferry car for all the judges and officials,” Brandon said. “My brother said this was the car he wanted to work on.”

The brothers were about to begin their labor of love, but before the car could be rebuilt, Jaden died after being involved in a fatal car accident in September. Although Brandon’s brother is no longer with him, he decided to continue their journey together and chose to continue working on the car. with renewed meaning and purpose.

Brandon said he chose a cnady apple red paint job for the car he was rebuilding as a tribute to his late brother.  (Photo provided by Brandon Chalmers)Brandon said he chose a candy apple red paint job for the car he was rebuilding as a tribute to his late brother. (Photo provided by Brandon Chalmers)

“I decided, as a tribute car, that I’m going to build the car he wanted to build and I’m going to finish it for him.”

Chalmers, who lives in Crossfield, said friends and acquaintances who had heard of his plans wanted to help him. So he decided to start a gofundme campaign to help pay for some of the car’s rebuilds. Brandon said Jaden is not just a fan of cars, but big sound systems as well; so he hopes to install a state-of-the-art sound system for his late brother. But aside from the high-tech gadgets, Brandon also decided to add a deeply personal touch to the car.

“I have already prepared the hood [and under it] i will take a picture [of Jaden]”, he said. “It will be like a commemorative photo and because I meet a lot in the car, when I park it, I can open the hood and there will be a photo of him, isn’t it? it not? It will be as if he were always with me.”

Although Brandon said he hasn’t publicly shared with others the grief and pain since Jaden’s passing, he admitted there have been many sleepless nights, questioning all the assumptions. . He said the car project made it more bearable.

“I’ve spent countless nights in the store until 3am, listening to music and working on the car. It’s totally helped me because I feel like I’m doing something for him,” Brandon said. “I feel like a lot of people are thinking well, what can I do now? So it definitely gave me some kind of relief that I was doing something for him, and something he would have loved.”

Looking back on his favorite memories, Brandon said he often remembers all the ski trips he and his brother took, saying those trips.

“We used to go to the mountains a lot and my brother and I were close. We had great memories, but I have to say my favorite is when I was skiing with him and just spending the day with him.”

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