Dalbeattie Men’s Shed vintage car replica will debut on July 17th


A replica of a vintage automobile painstakingly built by a group of Dalbeattie engine enthusiasts will debut this weekend.

The Skeoch Cycle Car assembly project spanned over three years – with a few false starts along the way.

But now Dalbeattie Men’s Shed enthusiast engine makers can look in their rearview mirrors at a job well done.

The tiny two-seater will be unveiled at Colliston Park on Saturday at 10 a.m. – 100 years since the original performed at the 1921 Scottish Motor Show in Glasgow.

Men’s Shed Secretary Geoff Allison thanked the local community for keeping the project on the road.

He said: “The whole car was built from cash and in-kind donations from the local people and businesses, which included workspace, expertise and components.”

The historic unveiling comes a century after James Baird Skeoch put his cycle car into production at his Millisle factories in town.

Only a handful of cars had rolled off the production line when a fire ravaged the uninsured factory.

The disaster ended Skeoch’s dream of making the automobile affordable.

However, the plans survived – and Skeoch’s granddaughter, Fiona Sinclair, gave them to the hangar crew to recreate the car.

Mr. Allison said: “It was in February 2018 that we agreed to take over the project.

“The plan was to have the car completed on January 28, the 100th anniversary of the original car’s appearance at the Scottish Motor Show.

“We were on the right track when Covid hit in March 2020, and we moved the car to Palnackie.

“We resumed the program and were almost there by the end of 2020 and ready for the paint shop.

“Then came another lockdown and it really messed things up. “

Originally, the hangar targeted the Scottish Motor Show 2021 to unveil Skeoch’s replica.

But the pandemic has convinced the team to only show the car on local venues for now.

“On Sunday July 25, he will be heading to Threave Gardens with an exhibit of vintage and vintage Hillman and Singer cars,” said Mr. Allison.

“Then the following Sunday he will go to Robertson Gemini in Castle Douglas for their 100th anniversary celebrations.

“He will be there until August 13.

Anticipation grew before the Skeoch was on display at Colliston Park.

“We hope the public will come this weekend to take a look and find out how this car was designed and built in Dalbeattie 100 years ago,” said Mr. Allison.

The car will be on display at the kiosk on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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