Electronic’s Porsche 356 brings EV technology to a classic car – smart or sacrilegious?

When the team picks up your car, they drive it to see how it should behave, then remove the chunks of oil. After that, they’ll 3D scan under the hood and see how much space there is to store EV stuff…. Here’s the smart part – the first of any type of vehicle becomes something of a test bed. They know the kit works, but Electrogenic will keep an eye on the car’s systems to make sure it integrates seamlessly with classic car technology. After the setup is sorted, customers will optionally be able to order a kit that a local / trusted mechanic can fit on their car.

Going up into 356 you wouldn’t know anything about what was screwed up. It wasn’t until the Electrogenic representative told me the car was already running and running that things got “different”. Since there is a lot of torque to start with, you can start regardless of which gear you are in. I started in second position, the car has nothing to complain about – just put your foot on the ground and off you go. It would have been happy to accelerate and stay second, as a normal EV would be in its usual single-speed setup. However, when things started to go a little faster, I could feel it was hitting a ceiling. Taking it to the next level for a little more grunt isn’t quite the same as a traditional textbook. Although you will need to lower the clutch and change gears, there is no need to re-engage the throttle. Instead, once the lever is in place, you need to fully re-engage the clutch and then reapply the pedal to the right. Think of it like you would an old robotic manual – when pulling up on the paddle (or changing, in this case), wait until gear is fully engaged before stepping back on it.

It’s a little tweak, but it helps the little 356 keep its character. You can run around corners, knock it off a gear, balance it gently in a turn, and then pull yourself to the other side. Lap after lap the 356 kept me engaged and excited. It helped that there was a lot of horsepower for such a small car to play with.

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