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There is no doubt that the most comprehensive collection of historically relevant articles classic cars in California, if not throughout the United States, is located at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Over 250 cars in some 25 galleries are available for viewing, though the museum also offers vault tours to show off other rarities. On the other hand, Petersen’s more virtual tours aren’t limited to what’s on display under his roof, as he occasionally leaves the museum to share with viewers other collections across the country worthy of fans’ attention. nostalgic cars. This was the case when Petersen showcased an interesting fleet of classics in Reno, Nevada, in a video posted Sunday.

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200 classics from the Lee collection

The video showcased the Robert M. Lee Automobile Collection, a collection of vehicles that the Hunting World retail mogul had collected over the years. In a gigantic warehouse, some 200 cars made by Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Cadillac, Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz share space with unique vehicles and others considered invaluable for their design and beauty.

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“Bob started collecting cars in the 1950s,” recalls his wife, Anne Brockinton Lee, who looked after the collection after her husband died in 2016. “I don’t think he surrendered. reckoned he was going to become a car collector, but he kept buying cars that he loved, and that’s a really good foundation on which I can develop. ”

Black Daimler finally won the “Best Of Show”

Black 1931 Daimler Double-650 Corsica drophead coupe

Petersen Automobile Museum

In fact, she continued to purchase vehicles, such as a 1954 Kaiser-Darrin roadster, fitted with a Cadillac engine and its original sherbet green paint. Near the roadster are two mint condition Chryslers: an old Imperial and a 1941 Windsor Town and Country Barrel Back, which looks surprisingly like a woodland. And further down the row is a crimson 427 Corvette Stingray with a Fisher body.

One that particularly stands out on the floor is a shiny black 1931 Daimler Double-650 Corsica drophead coupe which ultimately won a “Best of Show” at a 2006 event, a feat in itself, especially after the Lees had presented the car in competitions for 20 years before achieving such a distinction.

Sincere feelings for a Horch

Silver 1937 Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet

Petersen Automobile Museum

While all of the cars had special meanings to the Lee family, Anne has a favorite. In this case, it is a 1937 silver Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet completely renovated in-house to restore it to its original luster. These efforts resulted in Horch winning the “Best of Show” at a Pebble Beach auto show, the second of four family titles at that event over the years. And according to Anne, winning these awards is part of the payoff when it comes to investing emotionally and financially in classic cars.

“You just have to feel the passion,” she said. “And once you have the virus, you know it’s hard to get rid of.”

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