Fareham motor enthusiast wins prize for effort in 530-mile classic car and bike test

John Wilton won the overall Spirit of the Event award following the 120th Dick Peachey classic car and bike trial based in the South West of England which saw 88 competitors start their engines on the 24th June.

His award recognized the effort of participating in a ‘vintage’ car around the course during the three days of the trial.

John took part in his 1925 Trojan utility vehicle, driving a challenging 530-mile course including technical off-road sections through Gloucestershire, Somerset and Cornwall.

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John Wilton and his car in action.

The lawsuit is named after former Motor Cycling Club chairman Dick Peachey, who died earlier this year.

The club organizes the event – and Peachey’s son, Neil, presented his award to John at a gala dinner.

Cars and bicycles, some nearly 100 years old, attempted to complete the course.

Neil Peachey and John Wilton.

John, who has been testing at the Motor Cycling Club for the past 20 years, said: “It was very tiring. The car is not very fast. It does a maximum of around 35 miles per hour and therefore most other cars are much faster than this.

“My Trojan is the one I use to test and I’ve been doing it since around 2000.

“There were 36 off-road sections where you go out into the forest and up muddy tracks.”

Launched by the mayor and town crier of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, the trials riders covered some of the steepest hills in the region.

On Saturday evening, a gala dinner in Exeter celebrated the 120th anniversary of the Motor Cycling Club.

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