Five old cars made by Dodge that are now wanted

Dodge has always been known for their super-powered muscle cars, today let’s take a look at some of their finest cars from the 20th century.

When we take a look at Dodge today, we see these muscular, sleek cars that produce enough power to shake the earth. Cars like the Demon and Ram TRX are absolute powerhouses on wheels. Looking at history, Dodge has come a long way from what they once were, however, the cars they make today are certainly shaped by their automobiles of yesterday.

The Dodge Power Wagon


Before Dodge became big in the muscle car business, they were actually very popular for their trucks. The Power Wagon was a military truck that finally reached civilians in 1945. Under the Fargo name, Dodge trucks performed very well and, in fact, sold their electric wagon until 1949. The Power Wagon name is still alive and used today by the Ram brand.

1966 Dodge Charger Street Hemi


By 1965, competition for the Dodge brand had increased dramatically. With Ford releasing its all-new Mustang and Plymouth with its new Barracuda. To work to thwart this Dodge came out with its new fastback Charger, the Street Hemi. Powered by their famous V8 engine, the Hemi, equipped with light-emitting gauges, front and rear bucket seats, flip-up seats and a full-cab length instrument console. Although today this first generation charger is a legend, it did poorly in terms of sales at the time.

1969 Dodge Daytona


Although Charger sales improved in the late 1960s, Dodge suffered in NASCAR racing. It turned out that their cars would gain power at high speeds due to the lack of aerodynamics. Take the help of aeronautical engineers at NASA. Using air tunnels, Dodge built the perfect body kit including a slick front bumper and huge rear fender and the Dodge Daytona was born. These cars looked like they were from a futuristic era and indeed changed the NASCAR racing scene forever.

1970 Dodge Super Bee


Post Dodge witnessed Plymouth’s success with their mid-size, low-cost road racer; they decided to get on the wagon and created a Coronet version and called it the Super Bee. This was offered in the 1971 model year in the body of a Dodge Charger while having the lines of a Coronet. This car also had the most famous and unique grille from that era which made it very easy to identify.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T



Although the Ford Mustang was released years before the Dodge Challenger, Dodge had good sales with this model. While the Mustang was initially touted as everyone’s car, it gave the American market a European experience. However, Dodge, on the other hand, has focused its Challenger on a sport-oriented market. Even compared to the Plymouth Barracuda, the Challenger R/T was longer and placed in a higher segment. The Challenger R/T came standard with a 390 hp big-block V8.

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