Gallery: Vintage cars gathered at LaitseRallyPark | New


A meeting at Laitse Rally Park in Harju County on Saturday allowed visitors to see the so-called youngtimer cars – in fact classic vehicles owned by Estonian enthusiasts and visitors. Vehicles aged around 25 to 35 appear at the annual rally.

The 25+ international meeting and exhibition in the LaitseRallyPark has been held for the fourth time, ETV news program “Aktuaalne kaamera” reported.

Rally organizer and fleet owner Ãœllar Suvemaa said that in the first few years around 150 vehicles took part, but this year’s event saw 334 vehicles registered.

“More than 25 cars are accessible to ordinary people, and today this hobby car movement is very widespread and it is easier to meet this critical mass of people or enthusiasts. , more capricious, with more expensive cars and less enthusiasts, ”added Suvemaa.

Among the participants, interest in exploring the cars on display and the possibility of communicating with other car owners are important.

The best participants in the exhibition were also awarded at the end of the day.

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