Gatchalian bats for the restoration of vintage cars


SEN. Sherwin Gatchalian lobbied for the promotion, import and restoration of vintage cars and motorcycles given the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Filipino workforce.

The Senator recently introduced Senate Bill (SB) 2396 or the “Vintage Vehicle Regulation Act” to stimulate economic activity through the restoration of vintage vehicles.

Gatchalian said on Sunday that antique car restoration can help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and serve a niche market here and abroad.

“As the world is beset by the pandemic and threatened by the recession, now is the right time for us to explore the economic opportunity to develop this industry,” he said in a statement.

SB 2396 aims to create jobs for skilled mechanics, tinsmiths, craftsmen, painters, laborers, Filipino traders and to support small and medium enterprises, “while preserving the country’s heritage in its automotive history” , said Gatchalian. .

He noted that many vintage cars being restored in the Philippines were sold in Australia for 10 times their original price.

“It’s a small industry that we can help promote because there is potential to make it economically viable,” Gatchalian said. “It’s a very specialized industry that not many people know about. But our country is known for its skilled craftsmen who restore vintage cars. We’re pretty meticulous and we know this kind of craft.”

Gatchalian said some notable local car enthusiasts interested in car restoration have found it to be a lucrative business. It has also earned them many recognitions and awards in major automobile competitions.

The capacity of MSMEs and the quality of human resources in the automotive catering sector in the country can make the local industry competitive even in international markets, he said.

SB 2396 covers all aspects of import and export regulation, registration and use of vintage cars, pickup trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, Asian utility vehicles and vehicles. motorcycles that are at least 30 years old from the date of manufacture.

Gatchalian said the bill also seeks to establish and strengthen regulatory policies that encourage the preservation, maintenance, occasional use and registration of older vehicles.


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