Here’s what MS Dhoni bought at an online vintage car auction

Luxury car dealers Big Boy Toyz just concluded their first online classic car auction earlier this month. There were 19 vintage and classic cars that were featured and offered for sale at the auction, including Rolls Royces, Buicks, Chevrolets, Land Rovers, Cadillacs, and more. One of the big names to take part in the auction was the former Indian cricket team. captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who won a classic 1971 Land Rover Series 3.

1971 Land Rover Series 3

Organizers and the MS Dhoni team declined to share details of how much this yellow and white 1970 Land Rover Series 3 will sell for at auction. Speculation suggests that this station wagon could have been auctioned for anything between Rs 12 lakhs and Rs 15 lakhs or more.

The car has already been shipped to Ranchi, where Dhoni resides.

The Land Rover Series 3 was the most common Land Rover vehicle with 440,000 of the type built between 1971 and 1985. This 1971 Land Rover Series III that Dhoni now owns is a 5-door station wagon with a 4-cylinder diesel engine of 2, 5 liters. , rear wheel drive (RWD), 4-speed manual and 4×4 gearbox.

1971 Land Rover Series 3

This auction was the first held by Big Boy Toyz and the company has a second auction scheduled for the end of next month. India is gradually being introduced to the concept of vintage cars auctioned online and big names are leading the process.

Currently, Historic Auctions and Big Boy Toyz are the two companies in the business, both of which recently concluded their first vintage and classic car auctions. While Big Boy Toyz plans to schedule an auction every other month, Historic Auctions’ next is expected to take place around March or April.

If you want to know exactly how online classic car auctions work, here’s an explainer.

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