Honda and Acura expand CPO offerings to include 10-year-old cars

With appraisals having gone ballistic, buyers are spending more than ever on used cars, while cars with 100,000 miles or more are now considered lightly used. Indeed, the market is full of people splashing what was cash for a new car not too long ago on a vehicle that would have been considered worn out. Nevertheless, used car sales, especially manufacturers’ Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs, are booming. Anything that can help a buyer have peace of mind about what they’re getting would be a boon to the process, which is why Honda and Acura have revamped their CPO program to include a wider range of used cars.

Down below, the new HondaTrue Used tier now accepts vehicles up to ten years old, with no mileage limit. This was not the case before. The entire vehicle is covered for 100 days or 5,000 miles after purchase, whichever comes first. Used buyers at this level also get common CPO benefits like roadside assistance, trip interruption reimbursement (if your new used car breaks down away from home) and an oil change. free for the first year or 12,000 miles. As with the other two tiers, this one offers an exchange policy for another Honda CPO vehicle within three days or 300 miles.

Above that, HondaTrue Certified accepts Hondas for up to five years. The entire vehicle is covered for one year or 12,000 miles after the expiration of the original new-vehicle warranty, and the powertrain-only warranty lasts seven years from the vehicle’s model year or 100,000 miles at odometer. This one also offers a free second oil change within the first year.

HondaTrue Certified+ only applies to vehicles purchased within their new vehicle warranty period, i.e. less than four years old and with less than 48,000 miles. It offers the same powertrain coverage as HondaTrue.

Acura says its CPO division has recorded five consecutive years of growth and had a record-breaking 2021, helping it overtake Audi’s spot in 4th place in luxury CPO sales. Its Acura Precision CPO now offers an Acura Precision Used level for its vehicles up to ten years old, with no mileage limit. After purchase, every used Acura Precision vehicle comes with full and powertrain coverage for up to six months or 7,500 miles. The usual CPO perks also apply here, including Acura Cars Motor Club roadside service, a free oil change, Acura Concierge Service, and a seven-day or 300-mile redemption period after purchase of the car.

Acura Certified caps its offerings for up to six years with 80,000 miles on the odometer and extends road service an additional year over Acura Precision Used, along with a few other small changes.

Even if the global situation doesn’t remain as pricey and unstable as it is right now, we’re never going back to how things were, so we think there will be a lot more reshuffling from automakers. future. It might not be the best time to buy a car right now, but if you must, at least there will be a little more protection if you look in these two places.

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