Ironically, LEGO’s heaviest life-size car model is a McLaren Senna


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LEGO has built the ultimate supercar, the McLaren Senna, entirely out of bricks.

Completely different from the real Senna, the LEGO version is the heaviest car the company has ever built: thanks to the use of almost 467,854 LEGO elements, it tips the scales at 1,700 kg.

Designer Lubor Zelinka just had to cheat a little, using 20,000 specially designed LEGO elements instead of the standard ones.

This is the same guy who designed the LEGO Bugatti Chiron, so we’re going to give him a pass. It took around 2,725 hours for 30 model makers to bring Zelinka’s design to life. It’s almost 10 times the 300 hours it takes to build the actual car.

Content of the article

The doors can actually be locked in the open position, although they are not hinged; instead, they should be removed and then placed in the open position. However, once they’re open, you can jump inside the cockpit and marvel at the attention to detail that’s kind of translated into flat plastic pieces.

The steering wheel and driver’s seat are obviously real Senna, as are the pedals and wheels. The car doesn’t have an engine like the Chiron, but it does have a start button that plays V8 sound through certain speakers.

You can see the LEGO Senna at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it will begin its summer tour. If you want to own one, LEGO is also making a McLaren Senna that you can put in your pocket, which should take a lot less time to build.

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