KEARNEY, NE — There’s nothing that makes Hank Yencer more exciting than seeing a well-maintained classic car.

And he saw plenty of it at Wednesday’s Cruise Nite event in Kearney.

“The funny thing is, everything you see is old,” Yencer said. “It’s old and has been redone or renewed, repainted, new engine, whatever.”

The classic car tour stops at all of the city’s senior residences, including Yencer’s home, Kinship Pointe. John McCammond and his wife Shirley recently moved in and watched for the first time.

” It’s really interesting. I had no idea there were so many cars – old, new, whatever – in Kearney,” McCammond said.

The number of vehicles was in the hundreds. The number of smiles in establishments across the city – countless. But you could count more than a few signs at Good Samaritan St. John’s. Either way, the tour resonates deeply with long-time car enthusiasts.

People like Yencer, who owned a ’32 coupe.

“I pulled the car out of a junkyard, took it all apart, started with the chassis and built around this car,” Yencer said.

“They have to like it to do it. They must have time to do so. It takes him a long time to build it the way he wants. It’s his idea,” Yencer said.

McCammond gets it, too – he owns a 1966 Ford Mustang. He says there’s no doubt the idea of ​​including seniors’ residences in Kearney’s flagship summer event is a good one.

“(It’s) nice for the community, nice for old cars but also nice for old people,” McCammond said.

You can watch on Saturday parade of cars live on News Channel Nebraska starting at 5:00 a.m.