My classic car: the 1977 Toyota Celica GT by Ernie Balint | Local news

When and how was the car acquired?

Just this year, from his son, Korey Balint, but there is a longer story behind it. The story is about a father and son, but not just Ernie and Korey, and it also involves a daughter.

The University of Miami bumper sticker on the back tells part of the story as the vehicle was previously owned by a friend of Korey’s on an online auto forum, though both were from the Greater Montreal area. Miami. It originally belonged to the friend’s father, who drove it around campus before his daughter and son who sold it did the same before moving to Georgia. After the birth of twins, he sold it to Korey for $ 1,500.

Korey, along with his other son, Kyle put time, effort, and money into the car to restore a number of mechanical parts, but Ernie helped complete some of the restoration work once Korey volunteered to Ernie la Celica a retirement gift, or at least something. to do with his free time.

“You know, dad is getting old, he needs things to do,” Korey said, according to Ernie when he called his mom to let her know about giving it to his dad.

When Ernie got the Celica with around 45,000 miles, to which he added 3,000 miles.

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