North West Casual Classic’s Car Club 25th Anniversary


at RAF Burtonwood Heritage Center

By John Cotterill, Director of the Heritage Center

On Sunday September 26th, we hosted the North West Casual Classic’s Car Club at the Heritage Center. This event, unfortunately canceled last year because of the Covid 19, was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formation of their club.

North West Casual Classic Car ClubWith over 260 vehicles on display, including 220 cars, as well as buses, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and a few military vehicles, all of an extremely high standard, the day went smoothly, even the weather turned worked with us, avoiding the rain. until the next morning.

It was wonderful to see old and new friends; those who have attended previous shows and those we hope to see again at future events. This year’s inaugural event was so well received by all participants that we intend to make it an annual event, opening it more formally to the general public and hopefully welcoming even more vehicles.

North West Casual Classic Car Club

Special thanks to Kenny Jackson of the North West Casual Classic’s Car Club for his organizational skills in helping to organize the anniversary event.

As a result, the RAF Burtonwood Heritage Center, hosted some 800 visitors over the weekend, in addition to the 14,000 visitors we saw over the summer period. Some share their own stories, some are looking for information about their history, and all leave knowing a little more about where they are, what was here before, and what life was like in a very different time. We look forward to hearing many more stories and welcoming many more visitors in the weeks and months to come. All of this helps us to “Keep the memory alive”.

North West Casual Classic Car ClubNorth West Casual Classic Car Club

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