Opening of a garage for classic cars and bikes in Kendal

A CLASSIC car and bicycle garage has opened in Kendal.

South Lakes motorcycles, classics and hot rods were created earlier this year after co-manager Dudley Brennan saw a gap in the market.

Dudley, who had been working in Australia for 10 years in a garage, returned to the UK and noticed that there was a place for his skills and decided to open the garage.

Dudley and his mother Deborah Reese are both co-directors of the garage.

Deborah said, “Since he’s been able to walk and talk he’s been able to build motors and do things.

“Even with a teenager he was ordering parts on ebay and coming out of the barn with fully made quads it’s amazing what he can do.”

Dudley said his goal at Kendal is to combine bespoke engineering with old-fashioned mechanical repairs done to a high standard.

The company is based at the Fell View Business Park.

He said: “Unfortunately the skills I have are not being taught anywhere anymore. I come from a long line of world class engineers on both sides of my family so it literally runs in my blood.”

Dudley said that since opening his garage business has been stable. On why he thought the time was right to start his own business, he said: “I came back in October of last year so I was looking to start a business.

“I got this home at the end of December and spent three / four months renovating it and then we opened the doors.”

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