Orange line service resumes, but with old cars only


Trains resumed operation between Oak Grove and Sullivan Square stations on the Orange Line on Monday after nearly a month offline, but China’s latest train car maker CRRC won’t be among them for at least three. weeks.

The MBTA resumed subway service along the entire Orange Line Monday morning for the first time since a March 16 derailment at Wellington Station. During the nearly four-week period that the shuttles operated between Oak Grove and Sullivan Square, T-crews repaired three more miles of track, replaced six switches, and upgraded stations at two terminal stations.

The effort saved 180 days of construction time that the T would have needed had it only done repairs overnight and on weekends, MBTA deputy general manager Jeff Gonneville said on Monday.

Investigators have still not determined the cause of the derailment, which involved one of the new Orange Line trains in passenger service at the time, or whether the track infrastructure or the vehicle itself is to blame. .

Gonneville said the T is testing individual components on vehicles made by CRRC, one of which is expected in three weeks, meaning all four trainsets in the Orange Line and Red Line will remain out of service until then.

“There hasn’t really been a clear problem with the cars that was even a contributing factor to this, but we are very careful in our investigation,” said Gonneville.

CRRC and manufacturers of other components have so far provided “very good cooperation,” Gonneville said, adding that he hopes to make a “much more concrete update” on the investigation at the next meeting. of the Council of Tax Control and Management on April 26.


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