Plano welcomes the first vintage car-themed restaurant in Texas

New restaurants are always looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Some do it with exotic menu items; others do it with forms of entertainment to be enjoyed while eating. In recent years, some restaurants have turned to video games and technology as an added feature, but a new DFW restaurant has decided to focus on an older interest instead.

Ford’s Garage is a vintage car-themed restaurant concept that was inspired by Henry Ford himself. The restaurant has 20 locations across the country, but the one in Plano is the first in Texas. Located where Razzoo’s Café used to be, the new restaurant is sculpted to look like a 1920s gas station and is full of Ford memorabilia, such as vintage vehicles, light fixtures and gas pumps, according to Dallas Culture Map .

“Ford Motor Company has quite a storied history as one of America’s premier manufacturing companies. That history also translates into a pretty cool dining experience, and we’re excited to bring that experience to Dallas,” said franchisee Brian Judd. For car enthusiasts, this may soon be their favorite restaurant.

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