Porsche invests in synthetic fuels to save old cars


Let’s be honest, while the internal combustion engine is safe for now, things will be different. With virtually everyone looking to cut carbon emissions, the magic eight ball for our future most likely predicts electric and hydrogen vehicles. However, one of the Hagerty the latest articles showcased Porsche’s efforts to ensure that synthetic fuels will allow its classic vehicles to continue to operate in an environmentally friendly future.

So what are the benefits of synthetic fuels? Unlike hydrogen, they do not need to be cooled or pressurized during transport. Porsche could simply pour its fuel into a tank trailer that can be unloaded at an existing gas station – distribution would not require a completely new infrastructure, as current gas stations could be adapted.

Porsche Classic model range
Porsche Classic model range

“We believe that synthetic fuels produced with 100% renewable energy have the potential to be an important component (in the future),” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. “70% of the cars we have ever built are still on the road, and for many years to come there will be cars powered by combustion engines. “

If it’s so awesome, then why hasn’t it already popped up? Well, at the moment there is still some paperwork to deal with when it comes to pricing; Synthetic gasoline costs about $ 10 per liter, which works out to about $ 37 per gallon. However, don’t worry as Blume aims to cut the cost to less than $ 2 per liter – he estimated it could be available to the public in about 10 years.

Price aside, it’s refreshing to see that a member of Porsche’s senior management is one of us, a true oil enthusiast. Committed to saving the soul of classic automobiles, Blume is not ready to hoist the white flag on piston power and has even raised the possibility of using synthetic fuels to power the race cars of tomorrow.

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