Scrapping old vehicles or paying a fine of Rs 10,000: Ministry of Transport

It has been illegal to own a diesel vehicle over 10 years old and a gasoline vehicle over 15 years old in Delhi for a few years now. The Delhi Department of Transportation has now announced that any owner who still uses an old and illegal vehicle will have to pay Rs 10,000 in fine.

The warning comes from the government body itself on Tuesday. Any vehicle owner who refuses to scrap the old vehicle after the end of his life, and finds himself driving the roads will be given a heavy challan. In addition, the police will seize your vehicle and scrap it.

The transportation department also said it did not plan to make special routes to immediately catch offenders. However, the government agency issued a public notice advising these vehicle owners that they should have the vehicles demolished.

2,879 vehicles scrapped since 2018

After the adoption of the amendment to the MV law in 2018, the authorities were armed with new challans. According to the new law, the authorities can impose a fine of Rs 10,000, which can consist of Rs 5,000 per month. Later, the Supreme Court order allowed the transportation department to seize and scrap these vehicles as well.

There are currently five licensed scrap yards in Delhi. The first junkyard arrived in 2018. So far, government data shows only 2,879 vehicles are being scrapped until May 31, 2021.

An official speaking to The Times of India said:

“While no special training is planned at this time, we want vehicle owners to have their vehicles demolished as directed and the public notice reiterates this point. Although there is over one crore of vehicles registered in Delhi, the actual number of “on-road” vehicles is around 70 lakh. The number of gasoline vehicles over 15 years old is 35 lakh and there are around 3 lakh of diesel vehicles over 10 years old “,

Delhi’s pollution brought the rule

The growing air pollution in Delhi was the main reason for the introduction of the disposal rule in 2018. On October 29, 2018, the Supreme Court of India banned the use of any diesel vehicle from 10 years and any 15 year gasoline vehicle on public roads.

The court called the air pollution situation very critical and ordered the transport department to seize any old vehicles found traveling on the public highway. There is a complete list of all 10 year old diesel and 15 year old gasoline vehicles on the Delhi Department of Transportation website. The department has also started impounding 15-year-old vehicles on public roads.

Owning old cars much more expensive

Due to the rule change and government policy to increase the price of re-registration, owning older vehicles is not as economical as it used to be. In the 2021-2022 budget, the Union Minister of Finance also proposed a new policy for scrapping 20-year-old private vehicles and 20-year-old commercial vehicles. However, the new central government policy does not apply to Delhi.

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