Sydney Sweeney on restoring her dream vintage car on TikTok and Euphoria season 2

TikTok’s algorithm can sometimes work like magic. One second you’ll be scrolling through ramen recipes and dance challenges, and the next you’ll see someone who looks awfully like Sydney Sweeney tinkering with a 1969 Ford Bronco. lights up, the details of the last 18 months escaping from her. “I changed the transmission and repaired the front and rear axles from drum brakes to disc brakes,” she says. “I did power steering. Everything to make it a safe daily drive while remaining classic. That’s complete gibberish to me, but she’s an internet addict.

Usually dressed in her mechanic’s uniform, a white crop top and a series of grease-stained overalls, the actress restores her dream car that she bought on an auction site. Describing herself as a “hands-on, independent person”, she is an absorbent sponge for new hobbies and skills to pick up, so naturally she wanted to tackle those herself. “I always wanted to be well informed and learn as many different things as possible,” she says. She called her best friend’s dad, Rod Emory, a like-minded vintage car enthusiast who builds “the most iconic, custom-built Porsche 356s on the planet,” according to his website. Emory took her under his wing, opening a space in his garage to park the Bronco and guiding her every step of the way.

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The TikTok was born almost by accident. The app, with its ability to start and stop recording drafts, made it the perfect tool to document his progress for one audience only: his mother. Then his subscribers skyrocketed to 975,000, so now a seat upholstery video will be littered with comments like, Wait… That’s Euphoria’s daughter??

It’s the kind of hobby that satisfies one of Sweeney’s deepest pleasures: surprising people. She’s relishing in the fact that people can’t fathom that she is indeed both Syd the mechanic and Cassie the emotionally unstable high schooler from HBO & Sky Atlantic’s scintillating, substance-fueled teen drama. With its explicit themes, ambitious visuals, and penchant for penis shots, the Emmy-winning series — about a drug-addicted teenager and her high school friends — has become one of the most talked about coming-of-age stories. most in recent years. memory, adoration of drawing and online discourse. Among EuphoriaA sprawling ensemble, Cassie is one of the more complicated characters. Passionate and naive in equal measure, she is “more fueled by love than her peers”, as Sweeney puts it. The second season sees her slowly spiraling as a woman under the influence of the abusive Nate (Jacob Elordi) – a dynamic made all the more volatile by the fact that he’s Cassie’s best friend’s ex. , Maddy (Alexa Demie).

In a show that deals with the inner turmoil of teenagers with heartfelt intensity, Sweeney embodies Cassie as if the stakes of each encounter are akin to hanging off the edge of a cliff. But it’s believable because being young Is it that feel that dramatic. Cassie’s conflicting loyalties between Nate and Maddy have given the actor fodder to take the histrionics to the next level, and as a result, social media is on fire after each week’s show with calls for insert it into the rewards conversation. It may also have brought her, shall we say, memification. Her eyes wide with sheer fear, as she hides in a bathroom, is the perfect metaphor for getting attacked in the comments, and the fallout from Maddy’s disastrous birthday party illustrates the distress of a failing relationship. But what is a great meme if not a universal filter through which everyone can see themselves?

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