BMW’s very first electric production is still on sale, although it is quite old now. Typically, Bavarians have a tough six-year model cycle, but the i3 now lasts for seven years. While 2014 seems like yesterday for some of us (I feel really old thinking how recent 2014 is), it’s there is a lifetime in the automotive world. So the BMW i3 is actually one of the oldest cars on the market right now and, according to Top Gear, one of the best vintage cars.

Since going on sale, the BMW i3 has been updated several times, with several battery upgrades. So that’s not exactly what it was when it first went on sale. However, the gist of the i3 is the same and it’s still a good car.

Admittedly, even the most upscale i3 is no longer really competitive in the electric vehicle market. In fact, he was dated before his debut. However, as a car, the BMW i3 is still fun to drive and makes a great city car. Our own Horatiu is in his third i3, living in Chicago, and absolutely adores him.

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One of the best parts of the i3 is its build. Building a car usually doesn’t generate excitement, but building the i3 should, as it’s the only car on sale with a carbon fiber tub under $ 100,000. Its carbon fiber interior makes the i3 extremely unique, but it also makes the i3 extremely light and agile. Combine that low curb weight with its rear-wheel drive and the i3 becomes a hilarious little thing to drive. Especially considering the instant torque boost from its rear-mounted electric motor. The i3 is slow at 60mph but it’s damn fast at 30mph and it’s insanely fun because of it.

The BMW i3 is not an old car in the grand scheme of things, but it is among the older cars on sale right now. Among these gray beards, the BMW i3 is one of the best.

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