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At the British Grand Prix, Formula 1 presented the clearest vision yet of its new regulations for the 2022 season.

A life-size model has been discovered at Silverstone, showing how its radical new technical rules for next year will change the face of the sport.

Will we see a grid full of similar cars in 2022? Or will the teams’ vast development resources produce a range of machines that look different?

McLaren Technical Director James Key describes the model as “an accurate representation” of what the teams will produce next year, albeit straightforward.

“What we are seeing is a kind of representation of a [2022 car] but I guess it’s pretty basic compared to what I think the teams will show next year, ”he said.

“Look at the geometry of the front fender, for example, the diffuser at the rear, the entrance to the floor, all of those things will be there and they will have similar proportions. But it’s sort of a “base” car, say, an undeveloped car.

The front wing will be further simplified
The rear of the cars will be radically different

Several teams have commented on how restrictive the new rules for next year are. Key says that the model presented by F1 appears to conform to it and appears to be one of the many standard models that have been produced to demonstrate the different possible solutions to the regulations.

James Key, McLaren, 2020
Teams will “iterate the hell” of their 2022 designs – Key

“I think everything is legal to be honest,” he said. “I suspect this is one of the standard geometries that have been generated over time as regulations are developed. I’d have to check which one it is but that’s how it seems to me. So it’s a legal car. I think you will find the dimensions of it, from what I can see the dimensions are what you would expect.

The new regulation marks a significant departure from the current rules. Teams will be allowed to create large channels under the car to generate downforce, but the top surfaces are much smaller. The rear spoiler in particular has been radically redesigned.

“Things like the cockpit, the way the halo is set up, that kind of rear wing mixed up, that kind of arrow shape at the front wing endplates, it’s all real,” Key explains.

F1 car model 2022, Silverstone, 2021
The F1 model was “basic” but followed the rules

“You will certainly see some elements of it in 22, because some of these geometries are quite constrained. There is only a little space that you can move in some of them. So I think that’s a reasonable representation.

The biggest difference in the final cars produced by the teams will be seen in the degree of refinement they bring to their designs.

“What is missing is the approach an F1 team would take with these rules, which would be to repeat hell and come up with a very refined solution based on a lot of development time,” Key said.

“So we will definitely see differences, improvements. We may not see the details of this “show car”, if you call it that. But it’s a true reflection of what a 22 car looks like. “

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