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Mazin Al Kahatib, Founder and CEO of Nostalgia Classic Cars, talks about how he turned his passion for collecting and restoring classic cars into a thriving business.

What does the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I start my day reading newspaper headlines to understand what is happening in the world. Then I read the previous day’s sales report and shop reports to make a list of what needs to be done for the same day. I then have a quick meeting with the admin, sales and workshop manager for 10 minutes.

What inspired you to launch Nostalgia Classic Cars?

It’s been a dream of mine since I became a banker. I knew that after accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish in my banking career, I could turn my passion into a business.

Nostalgic cars

Every car should tell a story. Does this have an impact on your decision when buying a car?

When it was a hobby of mine, it was. Now, when I look at it from a business perspective, I buy based on market demand and need. Of course, when it comes to collecting classic cars, history plays a big role in buying.

The concept is located in one of Dubai’s main artistic hubs. Was this the plan from the start?

I consider my collection as works of art and when I was thinking and deciding on a place, of course Alserkal Avenue came to mind, because it is one of the first “art centers from Dubai. Therefore, the decision was made to be located in Alserkal Avenue.

What is the first car you restored?

The first car I restored was the 1948 Packard.

Nostalgic cars

You are the first of its kind in the UAE. How did you see a gap in the market?

I learned my lesson the hard way as they say. When I was a hobbyist, I struggled to find the best body repairer or the best mechanic or the best painter and my car was moving from one place to another. It always made me think about having a one stop shop that covers everything when it comes to catering. Nostalgia Classic Cars Workshop does just that. No matter what project we do, the car never leaves the site until the job is done. If we need additional support, we outsource it to other stores. Everything from A to Z is done under one roof, this is what differentiates Nostalgia Classic Cars from all the other players on the market.

What advice would you recommend to those who wish to invest in the collection of vintage cars?

When it comes to investing in and collecting vintage cars, choosing the right make and model is important. Try to have a detailed history of the car as much as possible. It is imperative to prove the originality of the car and its parts, including interior, mechanics and bodywork.

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