Top 10 most ridiculous – and rude


FOR all their ingenuity and innovation, automakers don’t always do things right.

Sometimes they come up with new features that are a complete failure or create a new paint color that makes you sick.


Which manufacturer has produced the squeakiest name?

And every once in a while, they release a new model with a weird – and sometimes completely silly – name.

It is amazing how one of them managed to enter the market, especially since some of them are still made today.

Here are ten of the most outrageous car model names that have hit the market.

Ford probe

    Ford Probe raises uncomfortable thoughts


Ford Probe raises uncomfortable thoughtsCredit: Ford

It’s hard to pronounce the name of this engine without letting out a little laugh.

While Ford may have thought they gave their new vehicle a high-tech feel, all it does is remind us of a wide-eyed alien creature holding a long metal pole.

Mazda titan

    The idea of ​​a titan dump is just awful


The idea of ​​a titan dump is just awfulCredit: Isuzu

Now known as the Isuzu Titan, the commercial truck has been on the road for over 40 years.

In the UK we know them as trucks, but in the US its dump bed affectionately gets it nicknamed a dump truck.

Yes, the Mazda Titan Dump, which makes it a bit of a crappy label.

Mitsubishi pajero

    Whoever came up with this model name must be a real jerk


Whoever came up with this model name must be a real jerkCredit: Mitsubishi

One of Mitsubishi’s most popular SUVs, the 4×4 is now known as the Shogun to UK customers.

The Japanese automaker partially assembles the cars in Spanish-speaking Portugal, where the car is known as Pajero, as it is in the rest of the world.

Rather interesting considering that “pajero” in Spanish roughly translates to “j * rk-off” or “w ***** r” – yet Mitsubishi keeps hitting them.

Honda is

    That's it


That’s it

This little Honda car is a nightmare for anyone with a hint of OCD.

The “It is” is as incomplete as the company’s profit margin on the disappointing engine.

Having only lasted four years in the market, the Japanese manufacturer discontinued it in 2006 – and that’s it.

Mazda Laputa

    The car itself doesn't look so crowded ... but you never know


The car itself doesn’t look so crowded … but you never know

Someone in the Japanese auto industry really needs to hire more Spaniards.

As the second most common language in the world, labeling your new engine as something very offensive in Spanish is going to turn the heads of millions of people – even if you don’t market it in that country.

“La puta” translates to “the whore” or “the whore,” which is far from the ideal phrase you would want to wave in the back of your blazing new car.

The car was also renamed Suzuki Kei, which means “small car” in Japanese, and was unsurprisingly more successful with buyers.

Mitsubishi Lettuce

    This motor looks more like an insect you would find in your lettuce, rather than the vegetable itself


This motor looks more like an insect you would find in your lettuce, rather than the vegetable itself

Released in 1989, the sixth generation of the Mitsubishi Minica received a rather dull label – lettuce.

Because every manufacturer wants their car to be associated with a bland leaf.

It is clear that something got lost in the translation somewhere along the line.

Honda Life Dunk

    You just know that Honda don't have the hops to dunk


You just know that Honda don’t have the hops to dunk

The Honda Life is a model that has rarely been marketed outside of Japan.

By releasing the 2001 model, the manufacturer apparently tried to woo its sports fans with the Dunk.

The new model name was meant to hint that it came with a turbocharger – as the extra horsepower will help you score a slam dunk in life …

Maybe they should have called it Life Jumpshot – after all, three points are better than two.

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Assistant

    The mystery is captivating


The mystery is captivating

It is not immediately clear what is so mysterious about this mid-size SUV, apart from its label.

Isuzu has tried subtly adding to its model name using the acronym MU, but why they did it is pretty much the only mystery.

The five-door version of the engine, released in 1990, was given the name MU Wizard – because the addition of two more doors gives it a magical touch.

Daihatsu nude

    If a car could look weird ...


If a car could look weird …

It was meant to be a label to describe how the exterior features exposed certain nuts and bolts – but it left customers a little embarrassed.

The Daihatsu Naked only lasted a few years on the market and was discontinued in 2004.

At least anyone who bought one can tell they drove naked and not lie about it.

Mazda Scrum Wagon

    No "melee" will fit in there


No “scrum” will find its place

There is nothing appealing about the name.
“Scrum” just makes us think of rugby, while a wagon just looks old and dated.

That would be the perfect name for a bus full of rugby players, but sadly that motor is barely big enough for a tight five.

Mazda really dropped the ball on this one.

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