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In the first part of our coverage of the Japanese Classic Car Show, we brought you a huge gallery of Datsun / Nissan builds, and that was just some of the cars available for the 16th Annual Celebration of Vintage Japanese Vehicles. There was a lot more to see from Mazda, Honda, Toyota and more.

Part of the reason for the substantial growth JCCS has seen, especially over the past five years, is because young fans are exposed and hooked on these classic platforms. Add to that the fact that many early ’90s favorites are now in their 30s (that’s right, you’re getting older) and you’ve got the recipe for massive car owner and spectator participation.

Improving the appearance of the sultry FD RX-7 without going too far is a lost art, and one that has not been lost for this beauty. Smothered in a clean black paint job, the ventilated fender treatment is almost hidden from view, as are the rear quarter panel fenders – not upsetting Mazda’s original lines.

The Celica GT Four is a rarity. Turbo and all-wheel drive right out of the box, that was a special homologation, and this model was never offered in the United States. This one is in excellent condition and covered in the Castrol livery just like the rally cars of yesteryear.

At JCCS, you might even come across two rare Celicas a few meters from each other …

It’s not uncommon for JCCS vehicles to use hard-to-find parts that are more valuable than the car they’re attached to. Take this CRX Si, for example. The body is in pristine condition and these cars are extremely hard to find that way, but the Mugen six-piece aero kit, muffler and MR5 wheels have been left behind for decades and their value has skyrocketed.

To give the classic small-sized Startlet a whole new attitude, huge over-fenders are matched to paint and bolted in place, with the front assembly draining into the front air dam. Fluted mirrors and gunmetal Watanabe wheels complete the package.

Much like S-frame builds or Z cars, there are a lot of modified Corollas from the ’80s, but many are inherently rough around the edges. This one, however, is not. The clean gray paint that covers the low front lip, the extra flares and the deck cover fender flow well with the Work Equip 03 in gold.

Nearby, this right-hand drive Levin was another shining example of this chassis and a reminder of why it was a beloved chassis long before the push it received from the anime world. .

At one point, the sight of a second-gen Integra parked at the JCCS sparked a bit of controversy, as event regulars did not consider the 1990-93 chassis to be old enough to be considered worthy of participating. . Years later, the DA / DB2 chassis has become a staple at the annual show and has since multiplied. SSR Neo wheels customized with touches of Jasper Green paint to match the original paintwork of this one-owner DA is a truly one-of-a-kind combination. Other highlights include the authentic Mugen side skirts, rear spoiler and exhaust.

This Aztec Green Pearl GS-R features a 15 inch Mugen RnR, JDP Engineering front lip and turbo motivation.

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