Toyota’s paint stripping technology dresses up old cars, over 100 colors on offer

Toyota would initially only offer this service in Japan.

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April 25, 2022, 07:36

The new technology will be available to consumers who use Toyota’s subscription service.

Toyota Motor has announced new paint stripping technology that will enable the Japanese automaker to provide a new value-added service to its customers by next year. The paint stripping technology will “dress up” old Toyota cars and repaint their bodies in one of more than 100 colors. The automaker says the new coat of paint can also be removed, allowing the original color theme to shine through again. Initially, this service will only be available in Japan.

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This new technology is based on statistics which indicate that people are keeping their existing vehicles for a greater number of years than before due to several factors. With the arrival of this new technology, Toyota hopes to help people own cars for even longer periods of time. In addition, this technology will allow drivers to freely choose their new color.

A report from Nikkei Asia claims that Toyota-owned Nagoya-based Kinto will be the company providing this new service to owners of individual cars as well as other vehicles covered by Toyota’s subscription. The company has yet to announce pricing for this service. The report claims that pricing details for the service as well as possible Kinto outlet locations are being determined.

Speaking of technology, Kinto claims to use a high-velocity jet of water to strip the car’s existing paint. This would avoid any likely damage to the vehicle. In other paint stripping jobs, certain specific stripping chemicals are used to do the job. The report claims that with this new paint job, the vehicle will have better protection against rain and wind.

Date of first publication: April 25, 2022, 07:35 IST

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