Vintage Car Drive Wheels: 1974 Volkswagen/Karmann-Ghia

Mark Bialzik has owned this Karmann-Ghia since its inception in 1974. It’s time to own a car. Again, we can see why. There’s a lot to love about this sporty, classic ride.

Here’s what Mark had to say about his Karmann-Ghia…

“I bought this car new in 1974. It was and remains my first new car with 53,530 miles on the odometer. The Karmann-Ghia was designed by Ghia and built by Karmann using a flatbed chassis. -shape and a VW undercarriage.It has a rear- I ordered the car with the optional aluminum wheels and then added a stronger front anti-roll bar and rear anti-roll bar in addition to a ceramic exhaust. The Karmann-Ghia was produced from 1955 to 1974. A twin of this car is exhibited in the Volkswagen Museum.”

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