Vintage car show at the Lake Club in Kolkata brings out timeless gems from a bygone era | India is blooming

Kolkata/IBNS: In the vast green expanses of South Kolkata’s Lake Club, it was a Sunday of a tweedy gathering of vintage cars that transported someone to the first half of the 20th century world.

The ancient contraptions once belonging to the Maharajas, presented in immaculate condition, would evoke nostalgia for a bygone era of automobiles reserved only for the social nobility and a time when the smell of burnt motor oil mingled with the otherwise cleaner one. city ​​air.

Eastern India Motoring Group (EIMG) alongside Ace Commercial has brought back the old Kolkata vibe with vintage cars and bikes such as 1940 Triumph and 1925 Rolls Royce.

Car enthusiasts, collectors and restorers were on hand throughout the day to take a look at the glamorous past represented by the city’s classic vehicles.

Eighty vintage automobiles were hunted down to be judged by EIMG Chairman Shrivardhan Kanoria based on restoration, rarity and authenticity among various other parameters.

Explaining how collectors got their hands on vintage cars, Kanoria said: “When the Maharajas of Indian princely states wanted to sell their vehicles, that’s how collectors got their hands on these premium cars. Now , royalty in India has returned to their pastime which makes tending to these old beauties a royal pastime.”

Sharing his experience restoring his 1925 edition Rolls Royce, he said: “It took me seven years to restore this car. I started in 2011 and finished in 2017. It’s a Rolls Royce Phantom, which makes it very special for us.

“The restoration was aimed at bringing it back as close as possible to the car’s original condition.”

Under the Concours d’Elegance format, the cars remained static but were restyled to have an element of completion.

The 1938 Rolls Royce owned by Gulam Momen won the ‘best show’ award.

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