WATCH | Fighting against Tesla – These old cars are also powered by electric motors



• These vehicles are all powered by fully electric motors.

• A company in the United States specializes in electrical conversions.

• No one in South Africa has yet attempted to build a fully electric vehicle.

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In the world of racing and performance there are many ways to get faster.

Naturally aspirated or large displacement tuning and forced induction are the standard methods, while the nitrous route is also a viable option.

Power minus noise

Tesla is the leader in the electric power department because its model line consists only of electric vehicles like Model S, Model X and Model 3. And according to Autotraderthe last 2021 survey of electric vehicle buyers Although Elon Musk’s cars are still not available locally, interest in Tesla still outweighs desire for any other brand of electric car available here.

Would you like to do an all-electric conversion in your car or is it too expensive to consider? Please email us or use the comments section below.

As the automotive world slowly but steadily moves towards an electro-mobile future, electric motors have many advantages. One of them is the release of zero emissions, while the other is the large amount of energy available almost instantly.

While many gasoline enthusiasts still enjoy the thrill and sound offered by combustion engines, there are a few who have gone against the grain and replaced their standard motors with electric motors.

For those who have watched the Fastest Car show on Netflix, A Man From Season 1, Episode 7, John Wayland rides a 1972 Datsun 1200 equipped with a bespoke all-electric powertrain.

2021 Tesla Model X

A San Diego-based company called VE West performs electrical exchanges on many vehicles, including conventional ones, typically using reclaimed Tesla motors as the primary source of power.

Normal combustion engines are still the primary source of power for gasoline engines, but in the future things will look and sound very different.

An electric front and rear drive unit of a Tesla Model S sells for around R40,000 on eBay. The only hitch locally would be to get everything working as it should as EV units are in their infancy in South Africa.

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The likes of Porsche, BMW and Jaguar have already started rolling out their electric vehicle models locally, but realistically owning one is not financially feasible for most South Africans.

One of the biggest possible drawbacks is the scenario where pedestrians cannot hear when an electric vehicle is approaching because they are emitting nothing but a hum. Artificial engine sounds or a siren system were mentioned as possible solutions.

Who knows, maybe somewhere later the SA will have its first and very own specially designed all-electric racing car. It won’t be very loud but whatever – as long as it’s fast!

Check out some of these cars that have undergone electric motor conversions:

1. BMW E36 M3

2. Porsche 912

3. AC Cobra


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