Where are our old cars going? Surprisingly in Jamaica and Kenya, found a Reddit user, Singapore News

Singaporeans, it seems, are not too fond of keeping their cars for long, preferring new ones.

Just consider this, the average age of cars in Singapore is just 5.5 years, according to a report by Budget Direct Insurance. Additionally, fewer people are choosing to renew their COE after 10 years and keep older cars, as The Straits Times reported in February.

So where are all those “old” cars going? A Redditor may have the answers.

Reddit user Qbica posted on Wednesday (July 27th) that some cars formerly registered in Singapore have gone on sale in countries including Jamaica, Guyana, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Some of these vehicles still have their Singapore license plates and ERP on-board units intact.

One Redditor said if he lived overseas, he’d buy these formerly Singapore-registered cars “in a heartbeat,” as many come with refurbished or new parts.

He added that he had already bought a used car in Singapore with “receipts for a new evaporator, heater core, radiator and oil pan gaskets” just seven months before the COE expired. stock for this car, comparing it to “striking gold”.


Another Redditor, who visited the southern African country of Lesotho, said the car he was in was actually a used car from Singapore. The driver even told him that for some residents, owning a used car from Singapore is seen as a symbol of wealth.



One eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed that some of these used cars had new Singapore license plates.

Others have pointed out that it is likely that the original owners of the cars chose to swap license plates to retain their old license plate numbers.


Many Redditors, however, were shocked by the seemingly low prices of some used luxury cars.

For example, a BMW 328i pictured in the Reddit post recorded in 2012 was listed for 2.7 million JA$ (24,000 Singapore dollars) in Jamaica.

For comparison, a check on sgCarMart showed that a similar make and model of around the same age in Singapore was listed at S$119,500 with a renewed COE.

A Reddit user shared that he was delighted to see used cars from Singapore being exported everywhere, adding that even his own car was sent to South Africa.


An exporter from a used car company in Singapore, who declined to be named, told AsiaOne that their car exports to some African countries have increased lately, as these countries have developed rapidly in recent times. years.

Statistics show that some of the biggest markets outside of Asia for used cars from Singapore include Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, according to open data portal TrendEconomy.

Singapore’s top three car export destinations in 2020 were Indonesia, China and Brunei.

Another car exporter, Prestige Auto Exports, told AsiaOne that it exports around 100 cars per month and some of its customers come from New Zealand, the Caribbean region and Africa.

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