Which car model has degraded over the years?

A red Dodge Dart parked in a field.

Can you honestly say you’d pick a 2016 Dodge Dart for that?
Photo: Dodge

Automanufacturers are always refining their models; adding new color options, modified styling, different engine options from generation to generation. But not all modifications improve an automobile as it ages. Sometimes cars can get worse over the years.

And that’s what we’re looking for today, we want to know which cars have degraded a lot with each successive generation.

There’s plenty to choose from in this regard, as some flagship models have now been in production for decades! If you want to go classic, you might lament the way the Range Rover has gone from a polished off-roader to a luxury behemoth that quivers at the site of a puddle. The same could also be said for the G-ClassI suppose.

And what about all those people who seemed furious at the unveiling of the latest Acura Integra at the end of last year? This five-door liftback inspired by a five-door liftback from the 1980s was certainly shocking to see.

Or, what about the fall of the Dodge Dart?

The 1960s Dodge Dart was a classic Americana sedan. It had simple yet distinctive lines, and some models featured bright chrome fronts to stand out from the crowd. But the latest model to hit showrooms across the United States has nothing to be desired. Not surprising Dodge was quick to ditch the mundane engine in 2016after only three years of its last incarnation.

But what other cars today can’t hold a candle to their original inspirations? We’d love to find some of the worst offenders you can think of.

Let us know your suggestions for car models that have gone bad over the years, and we’ll compile a rundown of some of the best answers later today.

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