Young drivers ride in old cars at UK driving school


Young Driver, a British driving school specializing in the training of 10 to 17 year olds, is adding a few vintage vehicles to its fleet.

“Introducing the kids to the classics,” Young Driver says of the new program, and, he adds, “and parents can try too.”

Young Driver is typically using brand new Vauxhall Corsa SE Premium models at its 70 locations across the UK, and is finally launching the classic car experience it was planning for 2020, only to be cut short by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Classic Young Driver fleet includes (left to right) the 1963 Vauxhall VX490 HB, the 1934 Austin & Ulster replica and the 1959 Morris Minor convertible

The new program, which includes a Vauxhall VX490, Morris Minor and Austin 7, will launch on May 22 at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. Similar events are planned in other locations. The vintage vehicle driving experiences will last 15 minutes and cost £ 25 ($ 35).

Young Driver notes that his 1963 Vauxhall VX490 HB is one of 10 registered in the UK and has only covered 21,000 miles since its inception. The 1934 Austin & Ulster Replica features bike fenders, a flip-up windshield, and an aluminum boat tail body. The 1959 Morris Minor convertible has a “smooth gearbox”.

“Since 1903, drivers have to be 17 years old to get behind the wheel,” notes Sue Waterfield, the school’s marketing manager, “so our students will be the youngest to master these three classics.

“The containment forced the cars to rest for a few months, but we are delighted that we can now properly launch our classic experiment.

“We’ve given over 900,000 new car lessons over the past 12 years, but the Vauxhall VX490, Morris Minor and Austin 7 will provide a whole different experience. We are happy to let young people and adults get behind the wheel and step (or drive) back in time. The nostalgia factor will be huge for anyone over a certain age, but everyone likes these cars, they are absolutely breathtaking and a lot of fun to drive.

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